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Amritasa Group, promoted by professionals from diverse backgrounds like Financial Services, Manufacturing, HR all of who share a passion to contribute to doing something that can have tangible triple impact on Social, Economic as well as Environmental fronts. We call it the SEE Impact.


The Group is a “virtual start-up” but of experienced people who bring on the table passion, commitment, relationship, professionalism, corporate governance, etc sans the financial muscle, but we are confident that money will not be an impeding factor in this journey.


Group Companies/ Entities:

  1. Amritasa Bio Technology (ABT) -Manufacturing and installation of Bio Toilets. Gels well with Swachch Bharat Programme of the Government of India.
  2. Amritasa Green Private Limited (AGPL)- Manufacturing of Battery Life Enhancing & Revival System & Aggregation of Eco-friendly commercially viable clusters.
  3. Amritasa Financial Solutions Private Limited (AFSPL)-Business Transformation,
    Sustainable Growth Advisory and Exit Solutions.

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