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Shree Ram Raja Wood Packers (SRRWP) was one of the original TOT Holders from the Defense Research Development Organisation (DRDO) in 2011. Wef 1st April, 2016, the enterprise has been taken over by the current Management  which includes professionals who were directly involved with the DRDO right from the installation of first bio-digester of India in Lakshadweep. The name of the enterprise also has been changed to Amritasa Bio Technology (ABT) to reflect the core activity it is engaged in. It is in regular discussion with DRDO for technical and management support in R&D, customisation as well as business operations.


In a short span of time, it is fast getting into execution of several orders from various Government Departments as well as Corporates under their CSR efforts. It has also started participating in Government Tenders, albeit at a low level, in view of limited pedigree it currently has.


The Management Team have extensive experience in executing orders for the Indian Railways, Government Departments and Corporates and MNCs which it intends leveraging upon. The enterprise has aspirations to be one of the key players in this field and emerge as one of the key associate in the Government of India’s Swachch Bharat Programme.


The Reality Checks:

  • 1/7th of the world’ population do not have access to a toilet
  • 60% of the above sanitation deprived people reside in India
  • Annually 2.4 million Indian children die of diarrhea caused by open defecation
  • Only 11% of the Indian rural families dispose child excretion safely
  • 80% of children’s solid excretion is left in the open or thrown into the garbage
  • Over 75% of our country’s population have access to Mobile Phones but basic Sanitation remains a distant dream!
  • Untreated human waste causes contamination of food, fruits and vegetables, beside causing widespread organic pollution of water bodies as well as diseases such as viral gastroenteritis, typhoid, cholera, jaundice, diarrhea
  • Indian Railways spends INR 350 Crores annually on rectifying rail corrosion caused due to human waste on tracks
  • Government of India spends INR 12 billion on rectifying ailments resulting from improper sanitation



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