Amritasa Financial Solutions Private Limited (AFSPL)


It is a boutique Company of the Group that is focussed on providing solutions to the Corporate Sector as well as the Banks/Financing Institutions on Business Transformation.

We are all aware that the behaviour pattern of economic cycles has changed, traditional theories and laws of demand-supply, money and wealth creation, etc all have changed. Economies have become more inter-dependent and indeed all of us are operating in one big global village. The volatility in the demand has increased, the re-positioning that is needed to cope up with it consequently new approach and new strategy. When economies are facing these uncertainties and challenges, the asset quality of banks will get impacted. The reasons for such a situation are both internal as well as extraneous. We are of the considered view that if we address the challenges of Business Transformation differently, it should give better results.

Accordingly, we at Amritasa have developed and worked upon a model that has shown much improved results over the years. The key features of this are the following:

  • Involving both the principal counter-parties viz; the lenders as well as the Corporates.
  • Beginning with a stock taking of the actual position of the problem.
  • Drawing of a monitorable action Plan with measurable milestones drawn by the Corporate and presented to the Lenders.
  • Quarterly review of the progress with analysis of reasons for under-achievements, if any and redrawing the Plan for the subsequent quarters.
  • Monitorable check on the cash flows.
  • In case things are not salvageable in the judgement of all to find alternate ways of resolution through finding a buyer, etc.


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