Aggregator Waste Management through offering customised E-Loaders, specially designed by our expert team involving the OEM, User, our design engineers:

as well as

Aggregator of eco-friendly commercially viable clusters:

Amritasa is an aggregator of commercially viable eco-friendly clusters, brought together by Amritasa Group directly or through its business associates, and is an amalgam of:

  • Composite Houses/Units built of natural materials that are insulated, are earthquake and flood resistant, almost 80% retrievable and fast to build.
  • These can be loaded with Bio-Toilets on an innovative technology perfected by India’s Defense Research & Development Organisation (DRDO) that can convert human excreta into methane and potable water within 48 hours without contaminating the soil. We are one of the about 60-TOT Holders in the country.
  • We can provide customised Solar Panels on roof top to supplement the energy needs.
  • Offer a Waste Management Solution which converts household or municipal waste into compost, RDF and energy through our Associate.
  • Provide Water Management solution that optimises usage and saving of water.                               
  • We have an added option of providing e-Vehicle for internal mobility within and outside the clusters.
  • and are working on providing Low Cost Hospital and
  • Skill Development through Rural Cultural Centre (RCC), a Convention Centre providing host of internet based service under Digital India.

These clusters are scalable and can be constructed anywhere and is real value for money that is eco-friendly manner.

The amalgam resonate well with the Make in India, Swachch Bharat, Renewable Energy Mission as well as Skill India priorities of the Government of India.


Why eco-friendly clusters:

  • Construction Industry is responsible for as much as 40 percent of man-made carbon emissions: building eco-friendly dwelling units is a necessity.
  • Technological innovations have created several eco-friendly building materials and techniques that use material and energy sources that minimize disruptive impact to the eco-system.
  • Equipping such dwelling units with sanitation solutions, waste management solutions, mobility solutions, energy solutions, water and health solutions (latter two being finalised) all of which are eco-friendly enable these clusters to be self sufficient, yet commercially viable, besides generating employment.
  • The clusters will have an Environmental Management System in sectors of service and production.
  • Promoting sustainable development and increasing awareness among the general public on the need for environmental protection.
  • Universal demand will contribute towards reducing global carbon footprint especially in key economies such as India, South-East Asia, Middle East and Africa.


Eco Friendly Clusters, a closer look

  • Operates on a self-contained economy as resource needs are found locally
  • Relies oncompletely carbon-neutral and renewable energy production
  • Mobility system and modern planning utilising e-vehicle
  • Resource conservation—maximizing efficiency of water and energy resources, constructing a waste management system that can recycle waste and reuse it, creating a zero-waste system
  • Restores environmentally damaged urban areas
  • Ensures decent and affordable housing for all socio-economic and ethnic groups and improve jobs opportunities for disadvantaged groups, such as women, minorities, and the disabled
  • Supports local agriculture and produce
  • Promotes smart lifestyle choices, decreasing material consumption, and increasing awareness of environmental and sustainability issues


Features of Eco-friendly Clusters

  • Independent Villas, Houses and Apartments of different sizes built with natural Composite Material that are earthquake and flood resistant and fast to execute
  • Community Center / Grocery Store / Mosques /Dispensary / Gymnasium/Shopping Mall made of Composite material
  • Solar Panels on roof tops for part energy needs
  • Individual/ Community Bio Toilets in dwelling units that convert human excreta into methane and water
  • Waste Management Solution- municipal as well as containerised that make gas that can be used for lighting, compost that can be used as fertiliser.
  • Battery Operated Vehicles for internal Mobility
  • Low cost Hospitals to take care of major health needs, only if cluster size is large
  • Water management solution including Rain Water harvesting

These are employment generative and thus provides a model for sustainable development. Resonates so well with the concept of an Ideal Village thought of the Government of India.                                                                                                                                                                                         

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