The Diagnostic Phase

The Diagnostic Phase

  • Stock Audit– for reality check. The Zoning tool, physical vis-à-vis accounting reconciliation. The real DP vis-à-vis Bank outstanding – can be outsourced, if needed
  • Account Receivable and Account Payable Audits – for reality check. Impact on DP.
  • Secretarial & Documentation Audit for Statutory Dues,  Regulatory Compliances, Documentation status– can be outsourced, if needed
  • Forensic Audit in exceptional cases with multiple layer transaction tracking – can be outsourced, if needed.
  • Review of Credit Audit, Inspection Audit Reports, Consortium Minutes’ Review.
  • Review of Annual and Quarterly Financial Statements, Scrutiny of CC and Current Accounts, FFR/MSOD Reviews, Cash flows Review -fortnight/month/quarter. Tracing and tracking systemic leakages, if any.
  • Review of credit facilities including non-funded facilities. Gauging the real debt servicing ability.
  • Contracts Review-Purchase and Sales including payment terms and contract terms.
  • Operational Review-MM, Strategic Sourcing, Yield Improvement, Stores & Consummable, Power cost, Manpower Nos. & productivity, Internal and External Rejections, Quality Standards, etc.

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